Pronto Changing Station

Skip Hop

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The Skip Hop Pronto is a portable diapering essentials kit that ensures that baby is always clean, dry and happy, and that mom and dad are always prepared. Drop it in any bag, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller and you're good to go!

The Skip Hop design team worked tirelessly to pack loads of features into this highly functional, portable changing station. Its extra-wide mod changing pad wipes clean, and the head area is cushioned with an innovative "pronto pillow." The pad is also removable, allowing the body to become an independent diaper carry-all. The Pronto also includes a translucent wipes case, a mesh pocket that fits up to four large diapers and ointments, and a front zipper pocket for personal items.

* Front zippered pocket for keys, wallet, phone, etc
* Strap w/clip: hangs on stroller or wrist
* Pronto pillow: innovative head cushion keeps baby safe and comfy
* Mesh pocket: holds up to 4 large diapers, creams, and other essentials
* Translucent wipes case
* Two-in-One: pad zips off for independent use
* Changing pad is extra wide for wiggly babies
* Changing pad wipes clean and has a laminated "mod" design
* Perfect for shopping or errands
* Keep one in the car or attached to the stroller
* Dad-friendly sporty design